Have something to sell? California Extreme is pleased to have spaces available for you. Please read the guidelines below. 

In order to sell at the show, you will be asked to accept the following Terms and Conditions on a separate form:

  • You must have a legal license/right to sell and/or exhibit any product that has copyrighted material in it, which includes but is not limited to anything using any images or artwork copyrighted by someone else. This includes anything with copyrighted material on it.
  • By signing this form, you declare that you have the legal right to sell your merchandise at the show.
  • Also, you agree to indemnify California Extreme for any legal issues or otherwise that may arise related to the sale of your merchandise.  

Space Details

  • Spaces start at 5’ x 5’ and up.  Pricing for the space is dependent on the amount of space requested. 
  • Tables and chairs will be provided with your space except in certain locations where there may be a cost for them.  The tables may or may not have skirting. You can bring your own tables and/or chairs if you wish.
  • Spaces are usually placed along the wall. 
  • Outlets are provided along the wall.
  • During the show, the lighting is turned down to a low level. You are encouraged to bring your own lighting if needed.
  • The cost of admission is not included in the price of the booth.


  • We do not allow stickers of any kind to be sold or given out from your booth.
  • Alcohol is not allowed in your booth at any time (including during setup).

To request pricing or more information, please contact us at
Note: If you are selling games, please let us know when you contact us.