2022 Tournaments


Street Fighter

Welcome to the next level FGC!  Street Fighter tournaments will be hosted by Lost Levels Arcade and played on original hardware on a PVM Supergun set up.  BRING YOUR OWN FIGHT STICK!  Our supergun is USB fight stick compatible.  Fight sticks will be provided for free and or sold if needed.  Follow Lost Levels on social media @lostlevelsarcadeinstalls for their announcement and Challenge link!

Lost Levels will be hosting two Street Fighter Tournaments on Saturday:

Street Fighter III 3rd Strike – Signups 11am-12pm Tournament starts 1pm and an estimated completion time of 3pm.

Super Street Fighter II Turbo – Signups 11am-3pm Tournament starts at 5pm and an estimated completion time of 7pm.


This year we’ll have four(!) different tournaments throughout the weekend:

  • Friday Pre-Show
  • Main
  • Women’s
  • Youth’s (13 and under)

All paid show attendees are eligible to participate in these tournaments and there is no player cap. A sign-up list may be offered at some point but it’s not required; anyone who shows up for qualifiers can join.


Friday Night (7pm) – Pre-Show Tournament

Saturday (11am to 1am; break 6-7pm) – Qualifiers for Main, Women’s, and Youth’s tournaments

Sunday – Playoffs for Main (9am), Women’s (11am), and Youth’s (1pm) tournaments


Cypress Room (2nd floor – Next to lobby escalators): Friday Night Pre-Show, Main, and Youth’s tournaments. All tournament entries are purchased here.

Sonoma Room (1st floor – North side of hotel): Women’s tournament


Qualifiers – Best game limited entry qualifying format

In this format players play a single-player game in the tournament area. Their “best game” is
compared against the best game of the other tournament participants, and they are awarded
points based on how well their best game ranks. All of the players’ best game rankings are
tallied to determine their overall standings to establish the players who advance to playoffs.
Standings update throughout the day and are only finalized after qualifying ends at 1am on

  • 1 entry = 1 game
  • Scoring 100/90/85/84/83…
  • Pricing: TBD
  • Main:
    • Best 8 games out of 12 possible machines are used to determine your overall standings
    • Entries are capped at 24
    • Top 24 make the playoffs; top 8 receive a bye
  • Women’s:
    • Best 9 games out of 12 possible machines
    • Entries are capped at 27
    • Top 8 make the playoffs
  • Youth’s:
    • 4 games available
    • Best 2 scores per game
    • Best 8 games across 4 games are used to determine your overall standings
    • Top 4 make the playoffs
    • Ages 13 and under

Playoffs – Group elimination bracket

  • Top seed receives “choice” of machine to be played, or the order of play
    • More details below
  • Scoring 7/5/3/1
  • Tie-breakers: see below
  • Due to multiple players having a chance to make the playoffs for multiple tournaments, there will be breaks after certain rounds
    • Youth division players will have to forfeit their youth tournament playoff position if they made the quarter-finals of main.
  • Main Tournament (playoffs start at 9am Sunday)
    • Top 24
      • If you are in the top 28, please show up at your discretion, as there have been dropouts in years past, and we take the next player in the standings into playoffs to replace the dropouts. We will start promptly after roll call.
    • 4 matches per group
    • Top 2 from each group advances
    • First break from 11am-1pm
    • Top 8 receive a bye; they enter the playoffs at round 2 (1pm)
    • Second break from 3pm-5pm
    • Round 3 (semi-finals) will start at 5pm
    • Finals will be played 10 min after the semi-finals’ rounds complete
  • Women’s Tournament (playoffs start at 11am Sunday)
    • Top 8
    • 4 matches per group
    • Top 2 from each group advances
    • Break from 1pm-3pm
    • Finals will be played at 3pm
  • Youth’s Tournament – (playoffs start at 1pm Sunday)
    • Top 4
    • 4 matches per group

Friday Night Pre-Show Tournament – Starts 7pm Friday 7/29 before the show opens:

  • Games strictly from the 80s
  • Group Match Play
  • 6 rounds of group match play
  • 4 or 3 player groups
  • Top 8 advance to finals
  • 4 player group brackets
  • 3 games per round


PAPA/IFPA rules apply, except where noted:

  • Ball savers will be off or reduced to the lowest time available (i.e. AFM would be set to 3 sec)
  • Additional adjustments may be made, but they will be listed on the backglass of the machine
  • Extra balls (EB) will be turned off (when available)
  • If EB is awarded, player can setup their skill shot before the plunge, but must remove their hand from the machine after the plunge
    • No video modes, or selections can be made after the plunge during an EB


  • Meaningful tie-breakers are determined by scores earned on subsequent games: i.e. overall score is tied after the players’ best 8 games, then we’ll look at game number 9, then 10, 11, etc. to break the tie


All entries for all tourneys can be bought at the Cypress room on the day of the tournament.

Friday Pre-Show Tournament – Flat $15 entry

Main Tournament – Based on your current IFPA ranking:

Ranking > 500Cost
12 entries$30
18 entries$35
24 entries (max)$40
6 additional entries$10
Ranking < 500Cost
8 entries$30
16 entries$45
24 entries (max)$60
4 additional entries$10

Women’s Tournament – Based on your current IFPA ranking:

Ranking > 500Cost
14 entries$30
20 entries$35
27 entries (max)$40
7 additional entries$10
Ranking < 500Cost
9 entries$30
18 entries$45
27 entries (max)$60
5 additional entries$10

Youth’s Tournament – $10 for 24 entries (24 entries max)

Live Streaming

Live streaming on Twitch is sponsored by Raccoon City Pinball at TWITCH.TV/DRI374.

Preliminary streaming schedule:

  • Friday 7pm: 80s Division
  • Sunday 9am: CAX GC Run and Women’s playoffs

Game List

The following is the list of planned games so far; more to come! (Last updated: July 22nd)

  1. *Gold Ball (Bally, 83)
  2. *Swords of Fury (Williams, 88)
  3. *Mousin’ Around! (Bally, 89)
  4. *Taxi (Williams, 88)
  5. *Spectrum (Bally, 82)
  6. *Fireball II (Bally, 81)
  7. *Flash Gordon (Bally, 80)
  8. *Mystic (Bally, 80)
  9. *Viking (Bally, 80)
  10. *Cyclone (Williams, 88)
  11. Whirlwind (Williams, 90)
  12. Medieval Madness (Williams, 97)
  13. Terminator 2 (Williams, 91)
  14. Total Nuclear Annihilation (Spooky, 17)
  15. Attack From Mars (Remake LE; CGC, 17)
  16. Godzilla (Pro; Stern, 21)
  17. Paragon (Bally, 79)
  18. Rush (Pro; Stern, 22)
  19. Dolly Parton (Bally, 79)
  20. Avengers IQ (Pro; Stern, 20)
  21. The Walking Dead (Premium; Stern, 14)
  22. Meteor (Stern, 79)
  23. Metallica (Pro; Stern, 13)

* These 80’s games will be included in the main/youth/women’s tournaments, but we haven’t decided which will go where, and there are more games to come; stay tuned.