Guest Speakers & Live Music

2023 Guest Speaker List

All events occur on Saturday and in the Magnolia room unless specified

Stern Pinball

10 AM James Bond 007 Update & Deep Dive Livestream Gameplay + General Q&A
Panelists: Mike Vinikour, Michael Grant, Kyle Spiteri
Dive into the world of James Bond Pinball with Stern Pinball’s Associate Game Developer, Mike Vinikour. Experience new 007 rulesets and code changes, plus production details and updates. Moderated by Michael Mattsson (DRI374) with Live Q&A session and gameplay! Live-streaming on Twitch @DRI374 and MarcoTV’s YouTube & Facebook pages! Sponsored by Marco Pinball.

How to Play Pinball – First Opportunity

12 PM – Andrei Massenkoff
Schoolteacher and 2011 World Pinball Champion, Andrei Massenkoff, will show you how.  How do you think they do it?  I don’t know – what makes them so good?  From basic to world-class methods, learn the art of pinball techniques and strategies so you can play your best and have even more fun playing pinball!  Q & A session will follow

Lunar Lander – GT40 LL

1:30 PM – Scott Swazey and Fritz Mueller
This is the 50th anniversary of Lunar Lander on the DEC GT40.  Their talk will be about the repair and restoration of a DEC GT40 graphic terminal that plays the original Lunar Lander game. Fritz will also present his work on an FPGA re-creation of the GT40 hardware. Both systems will be on display in the main room. Additional information at

Career Retrospective with Warren Davis

2:30 PM
Tony Temple moderates a look back at the career of Warren Davis, best known as the designer/programmer of Q*bert. But Warren’s career in the arcade industry also includes contributions to Joust 2, Mortal Kombat, Terminator 2, Revolution X and more. He created the video digitizing system used in all of Midway’s arcade games beginning with NARC, and worked on little known games such as Us Vs. Them and Exterminator. He also spent a decade in the home video game industry working for Disney and others. And somehow he managed to find time for a side career as an actor, appearing on TV shows like The Practice, ER, General Hospital and The Middle. In 2017, Warren was inducted into the International Video Game Hall of Fame.  Join Tony and Warren for what will surely be a lively discussion through Warren’s career.

The Making of Krull – With Former Gottlieb Game Designer and Programmer Matt Householder

3:30 PM – Hosted by Paul Drury
It’s been 40 years since Krull the movie hit the silver screen and the tie-in videogame hit arcades. Matt shares the inside story of converting film to game, with exclusive design documents and concept art plus the first public showing of Krawl, a comedy hack of the game produced in-house at Gottlieb in 1983. Retro Gamer magazine’s Paul Drury travels from the UK to host the session.

Celebrity Quiz – Atari vs Gottlieb

4:30 PM
Team Atari: Roger Hector and Al Alcorn
Team Gottlieb: Warren Davis and Matt Householder

Join us as alumni from each of the famous companies team up to answer questions on arcade history – their own and that of their rivals! Who will emerge victorious? Who will enjoy a whole year’s bragging rights? And if YOU think you know your classic coin-ops, there will be an audience participation round at half-time – bring your mobile phones to join in. This quiz will be hosted by The Arcade Blogger, Tony Temple, and Retro Gamer magazine’s Paul Drury, who take FULL RESPONSIBILITY for the accuracy of the questions (they have been warned…)

Can I Fix this Myself, or Should I Call for Help?

5:45 PM – Chris Kuntz and Tim Showalter
Knowing when you are in over your head is half the battle. Pinball and video game repair.

Screening of the film “Pinball:  The Man Who Saved The Game”

7:00 PM – Followed by a remote discussion with Roger Sharpe
The true story of ROGER SHARPE, the GQ journalist and real-life pinball wizard, who in 1976 helped overturn New York City’s 35-year ban on pinball. An unsettled writer with a fantastic mustache, ROGER SHARPE, finds solace and confidence in one thing he has mastered: pinball. When a police raid destroys the only machines he can find in 1970s New York City, he learns the game is illegal. Roger reluctantly joins forces with the Music and Amusement Association to overturn the ban while falling in love with ELLEN, an artist and single mother. Roger’s path to save pinball ultimately rescues him. He and Ellen overcome their pasts and take a shot at love. Roger learns what it means to take a chance — and that commitment is the most rewarding gamble of all. Based on a true story.

How to Play Pinball – Second Opportunity

8PM – Near Registration – Rick Stetta
Pinball playing legend and multiple time world champion Rick Stetta returns for his highly informative session to help you learn the techniques he uses to get those champion level scores.

A full speaker schedule will be available at the show’s information and registrations booths

2023 Live Music

Saturday Aug 19 in Santa Clara Ballroom (located on 2nd floor above hotel lobby)

12 PM – Rock Band (take the stage yourself!)

7:00 PM – Operation C

8:10 PM – The Tonberries

9:20 PM – The Surfle Jerks

10:30 PM – Kirby’s Dream Band