Guest Speakers & Live Music

2022 Guest Speaker List

All talks listed below are on Saturday

11:00 AM – Major Havoc – The Promised End – Final Release
Jess Askey, Bryan Roth, and Owen Rubin
Yes, it has been 25 years in the making and COVID jacked it all up but we think this game is pretty much done now. Come hear why this project happened, all the new features included, how the team built the
new levels, created development tools and build a solid homebrew extension to Owen Rubin’s original fantastical game… The Adventures of Major Havoc!

12:00 PM – Stern Pinball
Mike Vinikour (MXV) will be visiting from Stern Pinball, as will Mandalorian artist Randy Martinez.  Learn what goes into the making of a modern pinball and what is going on with Insider Connected as well as
the creation of graphics.  Q&A to follow.

1:00 PM – American Pinball
Steve Bowden
American Pinball will be on hand to tell us about Legends of Valhalla.

Happy 40th Q*bert!

2:00 PM – The Story of Q*bert
Warren B Davis
Warren Davis, the designer and programmer of the original 1982 arcade classic, tells the story of the game’s creation, from its inception through development, testing and production, as well as the reaction to the game after its release. He also tells the story of the unreleased (until 1997) follow-up, Faster Harder More Challenging Q*bert, and traces the evolution of the character through to the present day.

Happy 50th Atari! We’ll have panels of those who were there – in both the legendary coin-op and VCS home system areas.

3:15 PM – Atari Coin-Op and VCS Panels
Mike Albaugh, Al Alcorn, John Grigsby, and Don Traeger
Atari was the company that got coin-op video gaming really going. From Pong on, these are the people that know the stories behind the games and the company. Sure to be a lively session not to be missed.

The Atari VCS: Bringing Fun Home
Howard Scott Warshaw, Tod Frye, Mike Mika
After massive coin-op success, Atari branched into home consoles with the incredibly popular VCS — which was also incredibly difficult to program. Designer/programmers Howard Scott Warshaw (Yars’ Revenge, Raiders of the Lost Ark, E.T.) and Tod Frye (Pac-Man, Swordquest: Fireworld) created some of the biggest-selling games for the Atari 2600 during its absolute zenith. Come hear their harrowing
tales of developing games for one of the most wonderful, stubborn, successful, maddening, and beloved game consoles of all time.
Once Upon ATARI book/DVD signing to follow.

5:45 PM – How to Play Pinball
Andrei Massenkoff (ANM)
Schoolteacher and 2011 World Pinball Champion, Andrei Massenkoff, will show you how.  How do you think they do it?  I don’t know – what makes them so good?  From basic to world-class methods, learn the
art of pinball techniques and strategies so you can play your best and have even more fun playing pinball!  Q & A session will follow.

7:15 PM – Arcade Operator from Pong to Present Day
Ralph Sehnert
Owner and operator of the actual Noah’s Arkade in La Mirada back in the day will entertain with stories from his life experience in the trenches then and now.  Ralph ran several arcades, including the dubiously named Family Fun Arcade in Granada Hills, which in its 38 year run became what one reviewer called “Home to Street Fighter nuts that are ready to beat you mercilessly until you leave with your tail between your legs.”  Did the regulars really have tails? Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction.  Ralph is a friendly fellow, but did admit that the Family Fun Arcade motto was:  “happily handing out ass whoopins since 1973.”

8:00 PM – How to Play Pinball
Rick Stetta
Pinball playing legend and multiple time world champion Rick Stetta returns for his highly informative session to help you learn the techniques he uses to get those champion level scores.

Live Music

Saturday July 30th in the Santa Clara ballroom (2nd floor above the main hotel lobby)

  • 6 PM – DJ Bit
  • 8 PM – Maniac 2084
  • 9 PM – The Tonberries
  • 10 PM – Extra Lives
  • 11 PM – Bonehenge
  • ROCK BAND: The Game available Saturday NOON – 6 PM | Sunday 11 AM – 5 PM