Pictures From Previous Shows

2018 Show pictures and videos:  

Mark Panelo – pics

2015 Show pictures and videos:  

Don Lee – pics 

Geoff Smith (Metroactive) – pics

Jeff Kinder – pics

California Extreme Fans (Facebook Group) – pics 

2014 Show pictures and videos:

Jonathan Koolpe – pics

Geoff Smith (Metroactive) – pics 

Jess Yi – pics 

Dan Amrich – pics 

Also, check out our Facebook fan page – lots of pictures there!     

2013 Show pictures and videos:

Jeff Kinder – time-lapse video

Jess Yi – pics

Jonathan Koolpe – pics

Tom Tonthat – Panic Park Tourney – Sat. – Sun.

Eric Fanali – video

Black Morse – video

Geoffrey Smith – pics

Jonas Juice – video

Thomas Kay Valentine – video

2012 Show pictures and videos:

Nat McLaughlin – video

Wired Game-Life – video

Daniel Yerelian – pics

Gizmonic – Video of Rare Games

Scott Greshem – Article – pics

2011 Show pictures:

Jonathan Koolpe’s – pics

Daniel Yerelian – pics

2010 Show pictures and videos:

Giant Bomb

Tanio Klyce – hi-res  lo-res 

Jonathan Koolpe’s – pics

Dan Amrich – blog  Arcade Gaming Shrine (movie)

David Cobb – pics  blog

Kurt Ishisaka – pics

Santa Clara Weekly article

2009 Show pictures:…

David Cobb – pics 

Videos from the 2007 show:

Here are some pictures from previous shows.  Click on the years to view.

David Cobb – 2007

From Steve Tsubota, panoramic shots of the entire hall at the end of setup on Friday night… before the crowds:

From Rio Pesino (PodTech) (video of the 2007 show with interviews – note: the part on CAX starts at the 3:45 mark of the video)

From Scott Evans (videos and pictures from the seminars):

From Jonathon Koolpe (pictures from the show floor):

From Nathan Mehl (pictures of games at the show):

From Steve Tsubota (panoramas from the show floor):

Videos from 2002 (various formats)