Transportation & Parking

California Extreme guests can park for free in the Santa Clara Convention Center garage, space permitting. See the important information below regarding Saturday’s event at Levi’s stadium.

VTA Light Rail has a Great America station directly across the street from the Hyatt and Convention Center. Light rail stops running around 11 pm.

Saturday Levi’s Stadium Event

There will be a soccer match at Levi’s Stadium on the Saturday of the show at 7 pm (much the same as last year for the pre-season football game). We don’t know how much this will impact parking or even access to the area by car, but it could be quite substantial and at some point cars without arrangements may be turned away from the area. This is completely out of our control and despite our best efforts to avoid it, we find ourselves in a tricky situation. We hope all of the information below can help.

We suggest the following:

  • Arrive early on Saturday before the roads in the area are closed off for the game. Carpooling is encouraged.
  • Parking in the evening will likely be restricted to the lots reserved for the Levi’s event. Don’t expect the Santa Clara Convention Center garage to be freely available (they call it Red Lot 2). You can pay for parking in advance at nearby lots via parkwhiz (arriving after 6 pm) or ticketmaster.
  • Take public transportation (the light rail is the closest to the event). Please be aware that the light rail stops running around 11 pm at night which is before the close of the show. Also, light rail parking lots may fill up early. Please click here for more information from VTA.
  • Rideshare or taxi requires using specific drop-off and pick-up locations as specified on the Levi’s stadium website. Drop-off is on Great America Parkway curbside, between Old Glory and Tasman Drive. Pick-up is at Red Parking Lot 7 which is about a block north from the convention center on Great America Parkway.
  • The Great America theme park parking lot is usually open during Levi’s events. Their guests can park for $30 in the lot or for free with an annual pass.

Please be prepared for it to take extra time to get to the show on Saturday – the earlier you can get here, the better.

Thank you for your understanding.