2021 Ticket Information

California Extreme

October 16-17, 2021 

2021 Tickets 


Tickets will be available at the door the day of the show. You will be allowed in starting at 11 am. 

Pre-register and get in 1 hour early (at 10 am) and get a nice badge! 

Tickets are available for ages 2 and up (children to young to wear masks cannot enter the show). When registering, you must include both your actual names and the names for badges (if different) with your registration. 

Tickets Prices:

Weekend - $60

Saturday Only - $40

Sunday Only - $30 

There are 2 ways to register this year:

1. Via our online form using PayPal.  Please note the following when using this form: 

  • You will be asked to agree with the terms and conditions before you can register. However, you will need to bring a separate form for your group (see here) that each member of your group needs to sign (you can print out one for each person or have each person sign the same form). Adults may sign for their children up to age 17. We will have supplies of the forms at the show in case you don't fill it out in advance. You can also scan the form in ahead of time (send it here) or mail it in advance. 
2. Via the mail with the Mail-in Pre-Registration Form
Important notes:
  • California Extreme is subject to the requirements of the State of California as a "mega-event." See here for more details.  
  • Please review the COVID-19 requirements before you come to the show. These requirements will be followed before we allow you to enter the show. Please come prepared with all documentation needed before you come to the show.
  • Deadline One - if you would like a souvenir badge with your name printed on it, you must register online or postmark your Mail-in form no later than September 26, 2021
  • Deadline Two - we will accept pre-registrations until October 12th, 2021 (submited online or a postmarked Mail-in form). If you miss Deadline One, you will still receive a badge, but it will not have your name on it.
We encourage you to pre-register this year as we may have to impose cap registrations due to the size of the venue and it's capacity. Pre-registered people will have priority for entrance (the sooner you register, the higher on the list you are). We may or may not have registration at the door the day of the show depending on how many people pre-register.