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2017 Tournaments
« on: January 18, 2017, 09:30:56 pm »
Hi Everyone,

Here is a quick list of the tournaments that we have lined up for CAX 2017. Details on each to follow soon!

- California Extreme's Bayburch 2017 (Pinball Tournament)
- GackAttack's NintenDon't Tournament
- Street Fighter II Tournament
- Panic Park Tournament
- Cyberball Tournament

Monterey Flipper Pinball presents
California Extreme's Bayburgh 2017
(Pinball Tournament)

The World's Most Moderately Sized Group Match Play Tournament!


Sign Up from 12p-3p

Qualifier Rounds: 4p-9p
Qualifying will be 8 Rounds of Group Match Play
IFPA Seeding to Start the Tournament
Swiss Paired Between Rounds
Top 8 go to Semifinals


Check In at Noon-1p

Semifinals: 1p-3p
3 Rounds of Group Match Play
Tournament Standings as Seeding
Swiss Paired Between Rounds
Top 4 go to Finals

Finals: 3p-5p
4 rounds Group Match Play
Tournament Standings as Seeding for Each Round
Most Points Wins

Participation is limited to 64 Players - First Come First Served!
Located on the 2nd Level at the Cypress Room
Pinburgh Scoring - 3,2,1,0
Ties are decided by a 1 Game Playoff
Top 3 contestants Win Trophies
Cash Prizes for the Top 8
IFPA WPPRs for All Participants
Entry is $20



GackAttack's NintenDon't Tournament 

Think you know all things classic Nintendo?  Are you sure?

Yes or no, you are invited to join the official "GackAttack's NintenDon't" tournament!

Games will include the following titles (all either classic Nintendo-based or running on classic Nintendo game boards):

Convert-A-Nintendo Challenge:
1. Hunchback
2. Hero in the Castle of Doom
3. Super Bike
4. Special Forces - Kung Fu Commando

Some detail/rules of tourney (more TBA):

Tournament details/rules:

1. Free to enter - Contest will run all weekend and end promptly at 5PM Sunday.
2. Instructions will be posted at tournament area.
3. Contestants must sign up with correct e-mail & name/handle BEFORE entering scores in system.
4. Top 3 places will receive award certificates (and maybe small prizes TBD) in mail.
5. Contact info:


Street Fighter II' Turbo Tournament:

Do you enjoy competing in Street Fighter?

California Extreme is hosting a classic Street Fighter II tournament!

No consoles. No LED-d out dual mod sticks. No crazy ass headphones. No players decal'd out in sponsor logos! It's a straight old school fighting game throw down being run on the same gigantic wooden coffins OG players had to compete on back in the 90's!


Street Fighter II: Hyper Fighting (CPS-1)

Sign ups
1PM, Saturday, inside the show floor at SF2 heavy area (there's always a lone SF2:CE that refuses to be a part of our don't mistake it for the place. It's the cove with a ton of SF2's running and stools specifically marked for the SF2 area...there will be a table with a big bearded man taking registrations).

General Info
Tournament starts at 2PM, Saturday

Entry fee is $5

32 player cap (first come, first served)

Double Elimination

Top 3 get a percentage of the pot

Matches are best 2 out of 3 games. Loser may choose character. Winner must stick with character.

Rock, Paper, Scissor for player side choice

We're playing on several different set ups, with two different board types (some CPS-1 boards are slightly quicker than others). Until the brackets have eliminated enough players to make it convenient for contestants to choose a preferred machine, you have to suck it up and play on the machine that you're assigned.

Have fun!

How long is this gonna take?
As long as it takes. I *try* to get this tournament done as quickly as possible for a few reasons. Primarily, no one wants to spend all CAX in a tournament (it's why I avoid the pinball tournament). Also, there are people who paid to come to CAX who want to play SF2. I don't want us hogging the machines the entire show. Wham, bam, a few hours later, thank you ma’am!

Why only 32 players?
See above. It helps keep the tournament quick. Also, although I get a lot of help from the KLOV community when it comes to equipment, I rarely have enough set ups to make increasing the bracket feasible.

Why Hyper Fighting and not (Super Turbo/Third Strike) Street Fighter II: Hyper Fighting, next to Super Turbo, is considered one of the best releases of SF2. It's also much cheaper and easier to obtain boards for, as well as being much more accessible to the average person (Super Turbo is where the game starts to get complicated). I respect Third Strike, but it also suffers from being more complicated. This is an arcade show, not EVO.

Why not Mortal Kombat/(Fill in blank with some other non-SF game)?
 If you walk up to me this year and say this, you owe me a beer. Put bluntly, I'm not a MK guy. So I'm not going to organizing a MK event. If you want to step up and carry that torch, by all means, I'll do my best to help you out. Maybe CAX 2018 we can join forces and run both SF2:HF and MK as one fighting game event. Otherwise, I'm going to assume you have no idea how much stress this tournament adds to my CAX experience (or you do and you're jabbing me).

Will Capcom sponsor prizes this year?
 We'll see. I hope so, but don't count on it.

Who else helps to make this happen?
 I don't do this alone. I get a lot of support from other members of the community. Such as:
 My Wife
 The CAX staff


Cyberball Tournament:

Come try your skills at this very cool late 1980s Atari football-style game that pits

futuristic robot players against each other in a very chess-like matchup!

The tournament is being hosted by the Flipperspiel Underground Arcade Club from Las Vegas.

This will be a blind draw, double elimination

Cyberball tournament.
 Singles on Saturday
 Doubles on Sunday

Register at the Cyberball machines anytime before tournament start

Play begins promptly at 3pm on Satuday and

2PM on Sunday.

Exclusive award for the winners of both tournaments! 


Panic Park Tournament:

A special Panic Park contest is also in the works.  This will be a crazy event with some twists beyond the usual wackyness of Panic Park. There are some rounds    that just call for extra interaction with the player, and your hosts Dan Amrich and Brad Martinson mean to apply it!  You'll have to wait to get the details, but there will be Easter Egg prizes n addition to the cash and of course a cheezy crown for the overall champ chosen from the two bracket winners.  The plan is to run two 16 player single elimination brackets with a $3 entry, all cash awarded to the top 3 places in each of the two brackets.  And other wacky stuff.  You'll love it, but will need to sign a waiver! 

Planned times for the two brackets 4 PM Sunday. 

Signup will be before the tournaments. 

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Re: 2017 Tournaments
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checking back

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Re: 2017 Tournaments
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According to the flyer there is also supposed to be a pinball tournament; is the flyer correct?
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Re: 2017 Tournaments
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I hope sometime in the near future there will be a Street Fighter 3rd Strike Tournament  8)