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"Cocktail Table" sized pinball


Looking forward to the 2014 show starting tomorrow! It'll be my 3rd time going, but the first time going both days.

In 2013 I saw a few pinball tables among the Cocktail arcade cabinets, that were about the same size as the cocktail arcades. I had a few questions:

* Will there be any pinballs of this form factor at the show this year?
* Is there a better term for the form factor I'm describing?
* I think I saw a simultaneous two player variant, with a table angled up towards the middle on both sides, what would I call that?
* Is there a list of this type of table so I can marvel over them in anticipation of the show?

Are these smaller pinball machines getting into fashion nowadays? I've seen them at a couple of venues in the last few months.


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