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Bally Sente Games
« on: July 10, 2014, 03:54:37 am »
The Bally Sente 30th year anniversary game reunion.

A group of dedicated Bally Sente collectors have teamed together to bring as many Bally Sente titles to CAX 2014. Besides the wide release games such as > MiniGolf, Gimme a Break, Hat Trick, and Trivial Pursuit, the following > rarely seen and much sought after games will be on free play at CAX 2014:

Snake Pit
Chicken Shift
Rescue Raider
Snacks'n Jaxon.

Because we don't have enough cabinets for the 20+ games, we will be rotating many of the titles though a couple of the SAC cabinets.

The following games will be playable through the whole weekend:

Snake Pit
Chicken Shift
Hat Trick CT
Gimme A Break CT(Mini Golf after 3PM on Sunday)
Snacks'n Jaxon.

The current rotation schedule is as follows:
10:30AM Stocker and Mini Golf
1:00PM  Night Stocker and Mini Golf Deluxe 4:00PM Stompin' and Rescue
Raider 5:00PM Bally Sente Panel discussion starts 8:00PM Stompin and
Toggle 11:00PM Stompin and Snake Pit

10:30AM Stompin and Snake Pit
11:30AM Stompin and Name That Tune
2:00PM Spiker and Trivial Pursuit Genus 1 4:00PM Goalie Ghost and
Trivial Pursuit Young Players 6:00PM Street Football and Trivial
Pursuit All Sports

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Update Bally Sente Game Schedule
« Reply #1 on: July 10, 2014, 07:27:12 am »
CAX 2014 Bally Sente Schedule

10:30:00 AM    Stocker                Mini Golf
01:00:00 PM    Name That Tune    Mini Golf Deluxe
04:00:00 PM    Stompin'               Rescue Raider
08:00:00 PM    Toggle
11:00:00 PM                               Snakepit
10:30:00 AM    Stompin'               Snakepit
02:00:00 PM    Spiker                   Trivial Pursuit Genus 1
04:00:00 PM    Goalie Ghost          Trivial Pursuit Young Player
06:00:00 PM    Street Football       Trivial Pursuit All Sports

Dedicated games
Snake Pit
Chicken Shift
Hat Trick CT
Gimmie a Break CT
Mini Golf after 3 Sunday
Snacks'n Jaxson
Moon Quake
Night Stocker