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OFF TOPIC: Sign Up Error?
« on: June 30, 2014, 04:17:22 pm »

I just signed up for the forum, but was stumped by one of the questions you ask during the Registration signup.

After the name, email and password, you have a verification area that asks some questions and challenges with some letters. So far, so good.

But one question asks:
"What game company did N0l@n Bu$hn3ll start in the 80's:"

Seems the answer you expect here is "Atari" (since I finally tried that after many other attempts to answer correctly) although, that is an INCORRECT answer. Nolan started Atari in the 70's actually, not the 80's.

The only game company I could think that he started in the 80's was Sente, which is the only answer I could think of, but of course, was not the answer you wanted.

Who would think signing up for the forum would be so difficult? You might want to fix that. However, it does not seem to be stopping others from signing up it seems.
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