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2013 Speaker Schedule
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Here is the speaker schedule for this year for both Saturday and Sunday.  Please note: subject to change or last minute additions!


Saturday, July 13

Noon-1 PM
Richie Knucklez

Richie will bring us up to date with the new and exciting things happening at Twin Galaxies including a new movie titled “The King Of Arcades” Richie will discuss the new Pac-Man fever song remake with Buckner and Garcia and then afterwards, host a Q & A session to have all of your Twin Galaxies questions answered. 

1-2 PM

The golden age of arcade games is inspiring a new generation of independent game developers. Killer Queen, Fist Puncher, Crypt Run, and Siegebreakers are just a few of the "New Arcade Movement" titles that share some design DNA with the coin-op classics. This roundtable discussion will explore what defines this new movement -- what makes a new retro-style game, the creators’ design philosophies & methodologies, and the community & social aspects that tie the New Arcade Movement to the games of the past. After the panel, head out to the show floor and try these creators’ games yourself!

Joshua DeBonis (Sortasoft), Mark Gerow (MEGAbase Studios),Matt Hackett (Lost Decade Games), Jake Lewandowski (Team2Bit), Matt Kain Lewandowski (Team2Bit), Nikita Mikros (Smashworx), Syed Salahuddin (Babycastles).  Moderated by Dan Amrich.

2-3 PM
Bill Pitts and Steve Russell

Spacewar!  The primal frontier:  to boldly go where no vid has gone before.
In 1967 when Bill Pitts first encountered the iconic Spacewar! on the PDP-1, he knew something was going to happen ... something wonderful.  In 1971, he and Hugh Tuck had evolved a version of the game that fit into a cabinet with a small input port to accept coins.  The coins:  they went in!  Wahoo!  The video arcade game was born.

Bill will tell the story of Galaxy Game, the first coin-operated video game:  from inception to today.

3-4 PM
Gary Stern

Stern Pinball, Inc., headquartered just outside Chicago, Illinois, is the leading producer of pinball games in the world. Stern’s highly talented creative and technical teams design, engineer and manufacture popular arcade-quality pinball games.  Recent popular Stern titles include Metallica, Avengers, X-Men, AC/DC, Tron, Transformers, Avatar, Iron Man, Batman, Spiderman and many more. All of Stern’s pinball games are crafted by hand and assembled by Stern’s expert team. Both pinball enthusiasts and casual players around the globe enjoy Stern’s games.

The company traces its lineage to Philadelphia in the 1930’s when Sam Stern got into the business of operating pinball games.  These new games were all the rage in bars and restaurants, and game operators were making a very good living.  Sam became so successful as an operator that he soon became a game distributor as well.

In 1947, Sam visited Williams Manufacturing Company in Chicago where, according to pinball industry folklore, he brazenly put his feet up on Harry Williams’ desk and asked, “Why don’t you sell me your company?”  Because of Sam’s success as an operator and distributor, it took Harry only three hours to decide to sell half of the company to Sam.

Sam moved to Chicago and became President of Williams.  Through the ‘50’s and ‘60’s, he and Harry worked tirelessly to build Williams into one of the leaders in the burgeoning pinball industry.

Sam passed his passion for pinball on to his son, Gary, who as a child played in empty game boxes on the factory floor at Williams.  Gary was only 16 years old in the 1960’s when he started working for his father in the stock room at Williams.

The late ‘70’s and early ‘80s saw the emergence of coin-operated video games.  As the coin-op market evolved, other companies acquired many of the existing pinball companies.  In 1986, after the death of his father, Gary founded Data East Pinball, which was purchased by Sega in 1994 and became Sega Pinball.   In 1999, Gary bought the business back from Sega and renamed it Stern Pinball, Inc.  Less than a month later, Williams announced plans to cease pinball production in order to focus on the slot machine business.

4-5 PM
GAME SHOW GAME SHOW returns with "Match Game CAX 2013"

It's time to match the "stars" once again as we play our version of the classic fill-in-the-blank game show, live! A panel of almost-famous members of the pinball and game community will match wits with participants from the audience for no cash and no prizes – but it will be funny. Well, it might be funny. Let's put it this way: If you show up and give us a few pity laughs, there's a good chance everybody else will play along.

5-6 PM
Richard Lint, Matt Walsh, and Rick Hogan

Richard Lint from This Old Game has been reproducing artwork and arcade game restorations for more than 15 years. Here he will be showing some of his tips and tricks demonstrating a full side art application on Atari’s upright classic Centipede.

Former Williams designer Matt Walsh and his 3rd generation master carpenter friend Rick tell their story of recreating a Robotron cabinet from scratch.  Rick was exploring arcade items for Etsy; Matt wanted a perfect example of Robotron to keep for all time and a project was born.  With the completed product on display we'll talk about how we reverse-engineered the original cab finding some unexpected details hidden away.  Rick Hogan will talk a little about wood - what Williams used, what we used and why, and describe the construction process.  We'll share some features we've added - e.g. now Robotron comes in 'tall' sizes to avoid crouching.  Last but not least we'll share what we've learned about painting and powder coating.

5-6 PM

Pinball Professors Andrei Massenkoff, Rick Stetta, and Cayle George will be there to teach you how. How do you think they do it? I don't know - what makes them so good?  Learn from the master of pinball as they teach their art and techniques.  Basic to advance methods, strategy development - learn how to play your best!


Grand Fanali Presents
7:00 - 7:30 DJ Coco
7:30 - 8:00 Gnarb00ts
8:20 - 8:50 Treasure mammaL
9:10 - 9:40 Slime Girls
10:00 - 10:20 ComputeHer
10:30 - 11:00 8 Bit Weapon
11:20 - midnight Crashfaster

Sunday, July 14

11 AM-noon
Richie Knucklez
Welcome and Warmup

Noon-2 PM
The story of those of us who were the first to look into the neon haze of a vector/raster monitor screen and fall in love. The first quarter poppers. The "Vidiots" who never grew up. It's a film about you. It's the story of us. Danzara's film seeks to show that many aspects of today's gaming scene are firmly rooted in the arcade culture of the 1980's. And he believes for this film to fulfill its destiny, it must focus not only on the games and the arcades themselves, but on the actual people who were first to embrace the worldwide video game culture, capturing their memories and feelings on film as an oral history for future generations to study.
Directed by Dave Danzara.

Director Dave Danzara and Assistant Director Natalie Rossetti will be in attendance to answer questions afterwards.

1-2 PM

Pinball Professors Andrei Massenkoff, Rick Stetta, and Cayle George will be there to teach you how. How do you think they do it? I don't know - what makes them so good?  Learn from the master of pinball as they teach their art and techniques.  Basic to advance methods, strategy development - learn how to play your best!

2-3 PM
Two shorts from Anna Newman

A short documentary profiling master screenprinter, craftsman and Pinball Artist, Wade Krause.

From his crowded workshop in a rural California rodeo town, artist Wade Krause designs and creates everything pinball. Unwilling to let pinball die at the hand of video games, Wade crafts high end restorations of antique pinball machines and collaborates with pop artists like Dirty Donny on custom art games. Wade is one of the leading craftsman of New Pinball; enter his mad scientist pinball lab and see what is behind the multicolored backglass.

When a frat boy wearing a tutu meets a pinball-playing townie girl, their world tilts. A short romantic comedy with beautiful pinball footage, custom and classic games, an Jane Wiedlin (Star Trek, The Go-Go's). Funded by pinball lovers from around the world.

Discussion of both films will follow.

3-4:30 PM
a Brad Crawford film

100 Yen is a historical documentary about the evolution of arcades and the culture surrounding it - from the birth of arcades to the game centers that still thrive today. With a predominant focus on the three major arcade genres, Shooting games, Fighting games and Rhythm games, 100 Yen explores the culture and evolution of arcades through the past and present. All filmed on location in Japan, Canada, and the USA featuring interviews with industry professionals, game programmers and designers, casual gamers and gaming icons.

4:30-6:30 PM
Jeff Von Ward

This award-winning documentary charts the rise and fall of arcade video games and their surprising second life in basements and garages all across the country. Musician Jean Baudin will play original music before the screening. Director Jeff Von Ward and game collectors interviewed in the film will be in attendance to answer your questions afterward.
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Re: 2013 Speaker Schedule
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Goodness. When will I find time to play games?