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Re: What's word on Speaker Video recordings?
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The general policy is that recording the speaker sessions is prohibited.  There are a number of reasons for this, not the least of which is the desire to get good, quality candid talk from the speakers.  Many of the speakers have told stories in these semi-public settings that they would not have told in more durable fully public forums.  Similarly, technical speakers have some pride to protect and don't want to slip up and appear to be an idiot all over youtube.  Some people have presented copyrighted material that they wish to protect.

I'm afraid I probably deserve (some of) the euphemisms you have at the ready.  I usually end up being the one who has to enforce the policy.  It has been our intent to make the recordings we make of the sessions available, but the person in charge of the process has had less time than they hoped.  You can find the Atari Panel from the 2006 show at as well as a couple dozen videos from Atari back in the day.  One of the speakers from last year promises to get me their presentation "as soon as they have time" but it seems like we are all short of time.

I'm sorry we have failed so far to follow through on my promise to make the material available.  I will continue to ping the people who are handling this.  I'm afraid when you have an all volunteer operation, sometimes important things slip away.

Sorry again,