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2008 Raffle prizes
« on: June 06, 2008, 01:29:51 pm »
For once things are a little ahead of schedule on picking a raffle prize at least.

We have picked a pinball machine which we intend to offer as the raffle grand prize.  (We also intend to offer the choice of a good video game as an alternate - let the winner choose!)

In the past, Grand Prize winners have had the choice of a White Water pinball, Global VR's multigame Legends or Arcade Classics, The Getaway pinball, Wizard pinball, Marble Madness, T2 pinball, and many others.  This year the plan is to offer a Star Trek The Next Generation pinball.  (* We reserve the right to change this if, for example, something goes seriously wrong with the machine, but this is the actual machine we intend to give away.)  The game is currently playable at American Video Center, a movie rental store in the Cambrian Plaza at Union and Camden:

14442 Union Ave, San Jose, CA
(408) 558-9545,+san+jose,+ca&ie=UTF8&z=11&iwloc=A

Drop by and give it a play if you like.  The other games waiting for you to play there are:  The Simpsons Pinball Party, Cirqus Voltaire, The Addams Family, The Getaway: High Speed II, The Lord of the Rings, Dr. Dude, Indiana Jones: The Pinball Adventure, Surf 'n Safari, Paul Bunyan (1968 EM), Twilight Zone, and of course the Star Trek: The Next Generation, as well as a cocktail table Ultracade machine.
(All were diagnostic error free when I last left - me know if there are any problems with these games as we try to keep them in good working order!  Email is best:  chaney at atarigames dot com.)

Click on the pictures for a larger image.

Happy flippin'

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Re: 2008 Raffle prizes
« Reply #1 on: July 06, 2008, 04:36:10 pm »
Stern Pinball has provided us again with some more great stuff for the raffle:

We have added prizes:
A brand new Wheel of Fortune playfield and backglass

as well as a number of other translights including Spider Man, Indiana Jones, Playboy, and others.

They also sent a bunch of key fobs from their games and flyers for you collectors.

Also, Greg Maletic will be at CA Extreme showing his movie "Tilt:  The Battle to Save Pinball" and has generously donated a number of copies on DVD for us to give out.  See Greg's beautiful site at

Thanks to Stern and Greg for their generous support!

(If you would like to donate prizes, let us know - it is a fun way to get some exposure and make people happy while supporting the show!)

Happy flippin'

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Just added - Global Arcade Classics
« Reply #2 on: July 11, 2008, 06:13:25 pm »
We will be picking up a Global Arcade Classics machine to add to the choice of games for the raffle grand prize!  This is a modern machine loaded with a ton of classic video games.  See the company web site at:

The list of games from that web page:
Arkanoid 2
Tournament Arkanoid
Arkanoid Returns
Arlington Horse Racing
Asteroids Deluxe
Bubble Memories
Bubble Bobble 2
Bubble Bobble
Black Widow
Crystal Castles
Camel Try
Chak 'n Pop
Champion Wrestler
Cleopatra's Fortune
Defender II
Don Doko Don
Dragon's Lair
Dragon's Lair II
Elevator Action
The Fairyland Story
Golden Tee Golf
Golden Tee Golf II
Hot Shots Tennis
Joust 2
Jungle Hunt
Liquid Kids
The Legend of Kage
Lunar Lander
Major Havoc
Marble Madness
Missile Command
Mortal Kombat
The New Zealand Story
Puzzle Bobble 2X
Puzzle Bobble 3
Puzzle Bobble 4
Puzzle Bobble
Plump Pop
Rainbow Islands
Robotron 2084
Root Beer Tapper
Satan's Hollow
Super Sprint
Spy Hunter
Space Ace
Space Duel
Space Invaders
Space Invaders Deluxe
Space Invaders DX
Super Space Invaders '91
Super Breakout
Super Strike Bowling

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Re: 2008 Raffle prizes
« Reply #3 on: July 12, 2008, 06:34:50 pm »
Just added to the raffle prize list:

T-shirts from GameRoom Magazine
A 10-issue subscription from PinGame Journal.

Just added today! (7/15) A fully framed pinball photo by Kevin Teill

There may be more - stay tuned!

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Re: 2008 Raffle prizes
« Reply #4 on: July 22, 2008, 11:41:45 pm »
The raffle prizes were great.  Thanks to those who helped make that possible. It would certainly be nice if the big winners would show even an ounce of excitement.  I didn't even know who won this year. Last year, we knew who won, although he lacked excitement as well.  It would be cool in future years for you to make a bigger anouncement as to who the winner is, and which game they chose.  I am surprised that winning a $2400 machine (if it was Star Trek TNG) wouldn't at least warrant a woo hoo!