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Could someone bring in Cave's Dodonpachi Dai-Fukkatsu PCB for CAX '08?

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PC Engine Fan X!:
Hi there fellow CAX members,

I've attended the CAX shows over the first time was when it was held in San Jose back in 1998. What was the name of that FPS arcade game proto that was shown there and what arcade manufacturer made it?

I've noticed that over the years at CAX shows in the past, there have been some arcade shmup titles shown like: Thunder Dragon II, Xevoius, Raiden, Twin Eagle, Tenkomori Variety Shooting, Strikers 1945 Plus, Wyvern Wings: Space Opera, and Raiden Fighters 2: Operation Hell Dive.

Is it possible to bring in some Cave arcade shmup titles like Don Pachi, Dodonpachi, DoDonpachi Dai-Ou-Ju, DoDonpachi Dai-Fukkatsu, Dangun Feveron, Guwange, Progear No Arashi, etc.? I realize that no Cave arcade shmup titles have ever been shown at the CAX shows in the past other than the lone Cave arcade puzzler title of Uo Poko. Why not break tradition and show some other cool arcade shmup titles?

I realize that Cave's latest 2008 released arcade shmup title of Dodonpachi Dai-Fukkatsu (DDP-DFK PCB) was just very recently released in May of 2008...would it be possible for one of the CAX staff members or a regular CAX arcade game attendee to show it off at this year's CAX 2008 show in a Japanese candy arcade cabinet?

I think it would be great to show off Cave's latest arcade shmup title of DDP-DFK PCB at the CAX '08 show would be an awesome idea...

PC Engine Fan X! ^_~

Ken Chaney:
We had Quake there in (I believe) 1998.  Is that the FPS you are thinking about?
for more info.  I know one of the guys who put it together.  He'd like to sell his machine (for real money) if anyone is interested.  Drop me a note and I'll pass it on to him.  (I don't know how much he wants, but I'm sure it's well over the $300 everyone would LIKE to get it for!)

TJ and I have brought many of the titles you listed in the past, but we don't have any of the later titles you ask about.  I have a vertical 3Koam cabinet we could put one in if somebody has a board to bring.


If you can provide a cabinet I could probably provide a Guwange pcb for the show if needed.  (The board will not be for sale of course.)   I got a Don Pachi board too, but unfortunately the last time I hooked it up it was experiencing graphic issues.  I'm flying in so if I can can fit the board in my luggage I can loan it out.

Kevin Eshbach

Ken Chaney:
If you will bring the board, I can bring an extra vertical monitor JAMMA cabinet to put it in.  I think it is set up for two buttons (plus 8-way sticks, two players).  Will that work?

Yes that configuration will work fine.  I just need to configure the board for free play mode and plug it into my supergun to make sure it still works.  Hopefully the TSA won't freak out.

Kevin Eshbach


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