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What if we set a new record on a game?


Will it be recognized?
if not, Why not?
if so, how will it be evaluated?

Thank you


Ken Chaney:
"Official Records" and high scores are compiled by various authorities, for example the Guinness Book or Twin Galaxies.  Each authority will have their own requirements to be official, and you would need to check with the authority by which you wish to be recognized for their requirements.  Paul Dean will be running a high score contest, and officially recognizing the high scores for the day with cash prizes, for example.  He'll be there watching to make sure people play proper games and that nothing goes wrong.  Some authorities require video tape of the entire game, and sometimes verification of the game logic board.  CA Extreme does not have any official position on high scores and records, although institutions and individuals like Paul or Twin Galaxies have in the past been involved with events AT the show that they have officially sanctioned.

Where can I find a map?

Thx !! for infomation



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