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General Show Information / 2015 Pre-registration closes on July 5th!
« Last post by Jeff Kinder on June 11, 2015, 07:43:17 pm »
Hello Everyone,

Just a quick note to let everyone know that Pre-registration will close on July 5th, so get your online registration completed or your mail-in registration postmarked by then.

Pre-register and get in 1/2 hour early (at 10:30 am), get t-shirt discounts, and a cool laminated badge with a special lanyard

Head over to the Ticket Information page at the link below for more info on how to pre-register.
General Show Information / 2015 show?
« Last post by Sinistar on December 04, 2014, 11:34:42 am »
Hi all,

First time poster, 5 time attendee. As an old school arcade fan my entire life, I love CAX more than just about anything.

Typically by this point in the year the show dates for next July have been announced. Also, the Hyatt room block is usually available by December. Should I be concerned that neither of these have happened yet? Will there be a California Extreme 2015? (Please please please!)

General Show Information / T-shirts reordering
« Last post by Mark Birsching on July 27, 2014, 06:09:17 am »
Didn't get your t-shirt? We are taking orders for reprints through August 10, 2014.  See to get yours!!
General Show Information / Re: T-shirt designs for California Extreme 2014
« Last post by alan_kemmer on July 24, 2014, 09:29:38 am »
Is it possible to get a list of the games from which each of the letters come from?  I'm able to identify some, but it would be really cool to have a list of all of them, especially when explaining the meaning to friends who are less enthusiastic over video games :-D


Hey all!

We have another T shirt design for CAX this year, courtesy of the folks at the Free Gold Watch T shirt shop (that also maintain a very cool pinball/video game hall in their shop in SF).

What do y'all think?


General Show Information / Doing some historical research
« Last post by Greywolf on July 16, 2014, 07:16:08 pm »
Hey, folks, I'm doing some historical research on CAX back to 2006, which was my first one, and I want to find out, for years 2006-2014:
* T-shirt designs from the year
* Panelists [from 2006 I remember Eugene Jarvis was listed but I was way too busy enjoying the games]
* Attendance Swag [the only time I remember true swag being given away was, actually, 2006, when the Dragon Boys were given out]
* Any serious highlights people may have seen [I'll only be using stuff I remember, but my memory may be slippy].  One that stood out to me in 2006 was the laser projections of various vector games, as well as the video jukebox (which I haven't seen make an appearance since 2009, I think)
* Side performers (Jean Baudin et al).

I know we were at Parkside thru 2008, then moved to the SC Hyatt.

This is for my mini-autobio that I'm putting together for posterity's sake for my kids.  I'll be posting this on Facebook as well.
 >:(Well, I almost had a 10', but Budgets website lies...I reserved a truck, I get all the way over to Tracy, and the dude informs me that he doesn't rent trucks!  Oh well, I'll plan earlier, next year!  Looks to be an awesome show this year though, I've already helped move in many awesome games!:)
Arcade For Sale / Wanted / Pong Arcade Game Value?
« Last post by greenbird on July 10, 2014, 02:59:30 pm »
We have an old Atari Pong standup arcade game that we're probably going to sell, but have no idea what it's worth. The game has been in my family since the late 70's, and has been stored since the mid-80's.

Model VPI
Serial #HH-030

There are two known issues:

1) At some point, the game was modified with an on/off toggle switch and a reset button that allows games to be played w/o dropping a quarter in the slot. The wiring for each can easily be removed, but the front metal panel was drilled out to accomodate both.
2) The game does not work. I can tell you that it was working fine the last time it was plugged in (mid 80's) - it did not burn out or blow up or anything like that - but after being stored for 25+ years, it doesn't power on. I'm guessing oxidation on the board or maybe transporting it loosened some wiring.

The cabinet is in pretty good shape.

Any idea what it's worth?

General Pinball / "Cocktail Table" sized pinball
« Last post by trex on July 10, 2014, 12:28:37 pm »
Looking forward to the 2014 show starting tomorrow! It'll be my 3rd time going, but the first time going both days.

In 2013 I saw a few pinball tables among the Cocktail arcade cabinets, that were about the same size as the cocktail arcades. I had a few questions:

  • Will there be any pinballs of this form factor at the show this year?
  • Is there a better term for the form factor I'm describing?
  • I think I saw a simultaneous two player variant, with a table angled up towards the middle on both sides, what would I call that?
  • Is there a list of this type of table so I can marvel over them in anticipation of the show?

General Show Information / Update Bally Sente Game Schedule
« Last post by dluck on July 10, 2014, 07:27:12 am »
CAX 2014 Bally Sente Schedule

10:30:00 AM    Stocker                Mini Golf
01:00:00 PM    Name That Tune    Mini Golf Deluxe
04:00:00 PM    Stompin'               Rescue Raider
08:00:00 PM    Toggle
11:00:00 PM                               Snakepit
10:30:00 AM    Stompin'               Snakepit
02:00:00 PM    Spiker                   Trivial Pursuit Genus 1
04:00:00 PM    Goalie Ghost          Trivial Pursuit Young Player
06:00:00 PM    Street Football       Trivial Pursuit All Sports

Dedicated games
Snake Pit
Chicken Shift
Hat Trick CT
Gimmie a Break CT
Mini Golf after 3 Sunday
Snacks'n Jaxson
Moon Quake
Night Stocker
General Show Information / Bally Sente Games
« Last post by Mark Birsching on July 10, 2014, 03:54:37 am »
The Bally Sente 30th year anniversary game reunion.

A group of dedicated Bally Sente collectors have teamed together to bring as many Bally Sente titles to CAX 2014. Besides the wide release games such as > MiniGolf, Gimme a Break, Hat Trick, and Trivial Pursuit, the following > rarely seen and much sought after games will be on free play at CAX 2014:

Snake Pit
Chicken Shift
Rescue Raider
Snacks'n Jaxon.

Because we don't have enough cabinets for the 20+ games, we will be rotating many of the titles though a couple of the SAC cabinets.

The following games will be playable through the whole weekend:

Snake Pit
Chicken Shift
Hat Trick CT
Gimme A Break CT(Mini Golf after 3PM on Sunday)
Snacks'n Jaxon.

The current rotation schedule is as follows:
10:30AM Stocker and Mini Golf
1:00PM  Night Stocker and Mini Golf Deluxe 4:00PM Stompin' and Rescue
Raider 5:00PM Bally Sente Panel discussion starts 8:00PM Stompin and
Toggle 11:00PM Stompin and Snake Pit

10:30AM Stompin and Snake Pit
11:30AM Stompin and Name That Tune
2:00PM Spiker and Trivial Pursuit Genus 1 4:00PM Goalie Ghost and
Trivial Pursuit Young Players 6:00PM Street Football and Trivial
Pursuit All Sports
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