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Title: The Best Arcade Is...
Post by: BlastOffGames on May 07, 2019, 11:39:18 pm
Hey everyone.  Thanks for letting me join the forum.  I love arcades and want to visit a bunch of them.  What is your favorite arcade still extant and why?  What is your least favorite arcade and why?
Title: Re: The Best Arcade Is...
Post by: MrJBRPG on June 20, 2019, 05:33:01 am
Lucky you to make a post because I have quite a few to share. Where I live in the SF and East Bay Area California, there are a bunch of good arcades to visit. My most favorite ones are High Scores Arcade (Hayward and Alameda) and Emporium, with the former being all ages with hours or all day pass and the latter being 21+ with drinks and games to play by tokens (25 cents per token). I enjoy both of these locations due to diverse game lineups and the majority of them are multiplayer friendly. The more decent options 7th West and Brewcade because while they do have a decent selection of games not as common compared to the 1980's, I sometimes get annoyed trying to select a game for at least 1 minute from a multi-cade machine. My least favorite arcade place might be Round 1 from Concord and San Jose mostly because it is more of mixed amusement with small video arcade section with one player cabinets, and I am not much of a fighting game fan. I tried a bit of Gunslinger Stratos in tutorial mission, but one of the left digital stick click buttons was broken, making the super-charge move impossible. I want to enjoy Round 1 more, but better being with friends than being alone.