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Title: Doing some historical research
Post by: Greywolf on July 16, 2014, 07:16:08 pm
Hey, folks, I'm doing some historical research on CAX back to 2006, which was my first one, and I want to find out, for years 2006-2014:
* T-shirt designs from the year
* Panelists [from 2006 I remember Eugene Jarvis was listed but I was way too busy enjoying the games]
* Attendance Swag [the only time I remember true swag being given away was, actually, 2006, when the Dragon Boys were given out]
* Any serious highlights people may have seen [I'll only be using stuff I remember, but my memory may be slippy].  One that stood out to me in 2006 was the laser projections of various vector games, as well as the video jukebox (which I haven't seen make an appearance since 2009, I think)
* Side performers (Jean Baudin et al).

I know we were at Parkside thru 2008, then moved to the SC Hyatt.

This is for my mini-autobio that I'm putting together for posterity's sake for my kids.  I'll be posting this on Facebook as well.